URBAN Pieces: Graffiti-Kunst ausgestellt (tips.at)

AMSTETTEN. KIAM und die Stadt Amstetten laden zur Ausstellung „ URBAN Pieces“ im Rahmen der Reihe URBAN ART – ein Projekt des Mostviertelfestivals 2021.

AMSTETTEN. Zum Start der Reihe URBAN ART stellen KIAM Künstler gemeinsam mit Graffitikünstlern und Straßenmalern zum Thema urbane Kunst aus. Street ArtDarüber hinaus werden Streetart Projekte des Atelier Most Art (Lebenshilfe NÖ), des Gymnasiums Amstetten, eine Klanginstallation der HLW Amstetten und ein Projekt der NMS Mauer gezeigt


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4608 Kat.19 – Pocket Book

  • 4608 Kat.19 – Pocket Book


    Limited pocket book published by 4608 that features pictures from the subway tunnels and yards of Stockholm, Sweden. Get it while it is still available!

    Pages: 100, Format: 125 x 180mm, Soft cover, Language: English, First Edition, Black & White, printed in Stockholm, Limited quantity, Release date: May 2021.


    Size: 12,5 x 18 cm
    Pages: 100
    Language: English
    Year: 2021
    Publisher: 4608

INCOGNITO Magazine #27

  • INCOGNITO Magazine #27


    Incognito Magazine #27
    116 Seiten / Pages
    A4, Hochformat / Portrait

    This time in a luxurious, extended format with 32 (!) extra pages filled to the top with a curated mix of the best recent styles from around the world. Expect nothing but trend setting styles on walls, trains and bombing.

    In the special features section, it is all about trains, starting off with a big budget special feature by Viper. For anyone into classic graffiti styles with a twist we can promise you something extra here. After that we move over to Italy where Alone shares 18-pages, completely loaded with style on steel. Next up, Brasi who give us a special feature filled with simple, yet powerful, bomber graffiti. Finally, a fresh stack of unpublished flicks from Tiger’s most recent heaters on all sorts of trains.

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