31.03.2022 – Wien Line Stammstrecke Update (New Map + 357 Photos)

New Map: S-Bahn Stammstrecke Vienna

With our new map you can now take a virtual ride across Vienna‘s main S-Bahn line. We overthought the possibilities how to display the numerous walls along the 11km long line in a meaningful way. The first attempt was made some years ago by separating the line in areas which includes respectively the stations and parts in-between. With todays release it is now possible to separate the archive closer again: All walls next to the Stammstrecke railway line can be now be displayed separately – in both riding directions. This major update will be the role model in how we process and provide our documentation footage. In the future this feature will be integrated in all other line folders too. We celebrate this landmark with an 357 photos update with missing photos from the Stammstrecke.