goINDIGO 2022 Symposium- 11.-13.05.2022

international graffiti symposium
document | archive | disseminate graffiti-scapes
11-13 May 2022
Vienna, Austria

goINDIGO 2022 is an international, hybrid graffiti symposium organised in the framework of the academic project INDIGO
INDIGO aims to INventory & DIsseminate almost 13 km of uninterrupted Graffiti along Vienna’s dOnaukanal (Eng. Danube Canal) to digitally preserve and analyse this unique socio-cultural heritage
to achieve these aims and learn from others in the process, INDIGO has planned two diverse symposia in Vienna (Austria):
[ goINDIGO 2022 | May 2022 ] focuses on all technical, logistic, legal & ethical aspects of documenting, archiving & disseminating graffiti
[ goINDIGO 2023 | June 2023 ] will discuss how graffiti’s socio-political and cultural impact can be analysed
goINDIGO 2022 wants to connect graffiti creators, heritage professionals and graffiti academics to discuss various topics and achieve three specific goals

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