Heute! – DXTR The Weird – Exhibition Opening

RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT is happy to announce:
„DXTR The Weird : The 25th hour“
„But in a 24-hour day, the 25th hour is also the impossible hour, an hour that doesn’t exist, that can only be created by the imagination.“ – David Benioff

In DXTR’s eponymous solo exhibition, „The 25th hour“ celebrates the beauty of the night. That special time in silence when ideas float, perspectives change and imagination is infinite. Midnight in a perfect world.

DXTR’s ongoing series of haunted symbolism is captured on a new medium: textile. The exhibition sets a focus on the artist’s experiments with self-made tapestries and hand-stitched wall rugs. Inspired by old folklore tales, tarot, mythology and alchemy, DXTR creates otherworldly, yet funny sceneries. His compositions describe and deliberate modern day society and a world beyond a universe for the strange and the grotesque. Brace yourselves for mosaic jewel-eyed tigers, upside down smiling bats, howling coyotes and four-headed skeletons.

„The 25th hour“ by DXTR, founding member of the art collective The Weird, was part of this year’s Pictoplasma Conferece in Berlin.

Exhibition opening:
October 12th, 2017 / 6 pm
Opening hours:
12th October – 10th November: each Thursday & Friday 1 – 6 pm

Gumpendorferstraße 91
1060 Wien

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