„After filming the Grifters Code video, we didn’t really have much of a schedule for the next week. We had interrail tickets, so on a whim we caught a train to Vienna. Our guy there was busy with school but he hooked us up with a key and a place to crash, which was more or less all we needed.
We made a few metro actions on our own without any trouble, and decided to go for the S-Bahn. The old blue and white S-Bahn in Vienna is, in my opinion, definitely one of the most beautiful and classic in Europe. When our acquaintance heard of our plan, he decided to join, and said he had a great idea for a daytime action. So we all headed out to the edge of the city, to Florisdorf, a pretty well-known train yard.
We walked from the station to the yard, crossed a line of freights, got to the S-Bahns and had a quick look around. We keyed into the trains and did a walk-thru and everything seemed chill, so we decided to paint about 25 minuets in a tight row between two lines, with plans to get perfect traffic photos the following day.“


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