Calle Libre – 2.-7.8.2021

RE:PRESENT is the general topic for the 8th edition of the Calle Libre Festival.

The topic finds its roots in the current new waves of political illiberalism, social polarisation, and the obsession with security. In the wake of growing divisions and polarisations, it seems fundamental to look at the heterogeneity of our shared pasts.

Indeed, these trends find their roots in centuries of colonial past, cultural appropriation and subjugation of collective memories. For too long realities have been taken out of their native contexts, leading to skewed representations of identities, cultures and peoples. These misrepresentations have caused many divides in our societies, manifested through racism, xenophobia or the “othering” of those who do not share our same customs or traditions. Undeniably, the time has come to reclaim and rethink the history and agency of those who were dispossessed and subordinated by Imperialism in its various forms.

Through a number of artworks in the public space as well as some inside the Weltmuseum Wien, international and local artists will have the opportunity to present new visual worlds and novel patterns of interpretation of their socio-cultural realities and their peoples’ collective memories. Specifically, this edition’s artworks aim to foster honest dialogue, to overcome stereotypes shaped by art history, and to come closer to the deconstruction of hegemonic imagery.

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