SLAC.OFF, zweite Auflage

    Viele sind leer ausgegangen: Die erste Auflage SLAC.OFF war nach 24 h vergriffen. Deshalb hat sich Doppelhand dazu entschlossen, das Buch in einer zweiten Edition zu veröffentlichen! Mit neuem Cover, als Offsetdruck und in größerer Auflage.

    240 Seiten prall gefüllt mit allerhand Material auf Stahl und Plastik von SLAC (CCTV) aus Hamburg.

    135 g/m² GalaxiArt Samt Paper
    Offset Print

    Published by Doppelhand


    Size: 17 x 24 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 240
    Year: 2021
    Publisher: Doppelhand
    Author: SLAC

Boulevard – On Trespassing and Culture No.2 – INSTITUTION

  • Boulevard – On Trespassing and Culture No.2 – INSTITUTION


    Boulevard – On Trespassing and Culture No.2

    Zeitungsdruck in Kartonverpackung
    120 Seiten

    Boulevard – On Trespassing and Culture is an international, art magazine that reflects the past and present discourse in street and urban art. The format is intended to complement existing magazines and publications. Overarching themes structure each issue. The topics are theory (Reprint), photography, portraits of artists and works (Cases), current publications, reviews and news (Talk).


    ‘Threesome’ by Boris Hoppek, Miss Van and Rimon Guimar es / Nuart Journal / Graffiti Review / In Between Space, Time and a Pattern of Chaos, Fousion Gallery, Barcelona (ES) / La Fulmine, Printing house of the resistance (Sardinia (IT)) / John Fekner – Memory / Untold Stories, Inside Graffiti Writing Culture / Menetekel.org / Eric Winkler: Sog / Unlock Book Fair, Modena 2020 / [re/dis]cover – urban art & research

    Ben Brohanszky: Subcultural Strategies Katia Hermann and Pietro Rivasi: Exhibiting photos of writing Jasper van Es and Good Guy Boris: #ViralVandals Jo Preußler, Aljoscha Begrich and Stefan Reuter: Can you show me the way to the Graffitimuseum?


    Lene ter Haar: Claiming Visibility – Between Vandalism and Appreciation (2010) Orestis Pangalos: Crisis – What Crisis / No Respect (2014) Harald Hinz: About Institutionalizing Urban Art (2018) Bernd Dollinger and Bettina Hünersdorf: Graffiti as Version and Subversion (2010) Patrick Hagopian: Reading the Indecipherable (1987)


    Bill Daniel: Wierd Hobo Trip – Beyond the Streets Rage: Selected Works on Public Transit Cars and Gallery Walls Dunja JankoviĆ: Collaboration without Consent Emanuel Roth: Parkiert




    Lucky number seven! Tribute is once again paid to the unbridled passion of the trainwriting scene – because even in this different times neither travel restrictions nor curfews can put a stop to the brazen creativity. With our interim publication of the OTIS book, it has now been three years since the last issue. Therefore, we have again made a few adjustments to further refine the magazine. With this issue, the part on graffiti on freight trains is dropped, making room for more writer specials: ADEN, ALONE, ASTRO, CVA CREW, GOAL, IXAP, MISTERY MAN, RUSH, SKUSI, SPHAE, VIFL, WILMA.

CES53 Book

  • CES53 Book


    Boundary breaking graffiti writer CES53 publishes first time overview of his artwork, embodying 40 years of work.

    “Ces53 – CLOWN / MASTER MANIPULATOR / STYLE MASTER / BAD BOY / LEGEND / WRITER / ANARCHIST / FREAK / FOOL / BOUNDARY BREAKER / ARTIST” depicts a huge selection of Ces53 his artwork. Drawings, paintings, sculptures, legal, illegal, shocking and beautiful. All compiled in a 400 page full colour, hard cover bound book. With nearly 2000 photos probably the first graffiti writer showcasing such a large body of work in one object. ‘Being the first’ isn’t new to Ces53; he was the first to paint a train from left to right, top to bottom in the Netherlands, he was the one making train writing a true crusade in the Netherlands, he was the first to paint a train in Belgium, to most non-Germans he is the one that put Berlin on the map as a graffiti playground. Until we recently found out he wasn’t, but for 25 years we all thought that he was the first Dutchie to paint a train in New York. Ces53 was the first in jail for graffiti for longer than a night or two in the Netherlands. He ignited train graffiti as a true believe, and inspired the notorious MSN crew, and many others in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe to pour oil on the fire he started. Besides all the facts, Ces53 is a true and original when it comes to authenticity and style; the shapes, the characters, the colours…it is all his own. His work from childhood until recent graffiti on trains is now available in a carefully designed book. With text contributions by Milk, Eras, Sento, Cat22 and many more.


    Size: 23,5 x 32 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 400
    Language: English
    Year: 2021
    Publisher: CES 53
    Author: CES 53




    Barcelona Showdown records more than 30 years of graffiti in the Barcelona metro. Totally exclusive content in two languages (Spanish and English), detailing the history and lifestyle of the writers from 1984 to 2021.


    Size: 22 x 30 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 256
    Language: English, Spanish
    Year: 2021
    Publisher: Blood & Madness
    Author: Blood & Madness
    ISBN/EAN: 9788409297221

4608 Kat.19 – Pocket Book

  • 4608 Kat.19 – Pocket Book


    Limited pocket book published by 4608 that features pictures from the subway tunnels and yards of Stockholm, Sweden. Get it while it is still available!

    Pages: 100, Format: 125 x 180mm, Soft cover, Language: English, First Edition, Black & White, printed in Stockholm, Limited quantity, Release date: May 2021.


    Size: 12,5 x 18 cm
    Pages: 100
    Language: English
    Year: 2021
    Publisher: 4608

INCOGNITO Magazine #27

  • INCOGNITO Magazine #27


    Incognito Magazine #27
    116 Seiten / Pages
    A4, Hochformat / Portrait

    This time in a luxurious, extended format with 32 (!) extra pages filled to the top with a curated mix of the best recent styles from around the world. Expect nothing but trend setting styles on walls, trains and bombing.

    In the special features section, it is all about trains, starting off with a big budget special feature by Viper. For anyone into classic graffiti styles with a twist we can promise you something extra here. After that we move over to Italy where Alone shares 18-pages, completely loaded with style on steel. Next up, Brasi who give us a special feature filled with simple, yet powerful, bomber graffiti. Finally, a fresh stack of unpublished flicks from Tiger’s most recent heaters on all sorts of trains.

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