Copenhagen Graffiti II 1986-2020

  • Copenhagen Graffiti II 1986-2020


    The second book in the Copenhagen Graffitii-series by Disk. The first book was released in 2016 and has since then already been reprinted four times, so don’t sleep on this! In this up-following book Disk has kept digging in his archives and mixed it with newer photos, all shot in Copenhagen with analog camera. A great mix of walls, trains, tags and throw-ups featuring a wide range of writers including Rens, Sabe, Bates, Tomcat, Opel, Cres, Kegr, Cave, Week, Sek, Faze, Tabu (RIP), DIA, MOA, HM, WHAP, Same (RIP), AOD, Apes and many more.


    Size: 28 x 21 cm
    Cover: Softcover
    Pages: 160
    Language: English
    Year: March 2021

Edward Nightingale – You can’t always win

  • Edward Nightingale – You can’t always win


    About failure in graffiti

    ​In November 2019 a group of friends traveled to Tashkent in Uzbekistan to paint the local subway system. Their lack of chance is captured in this book.

    Edward’s most emotional and intimate publication to this day is a visual essay about failure in graffiti.

    As trainwriting happens to be illegal, trains often are protected against unwanted visitors. With high-security levels, success is not always guaranteed.
    Sometimes there can be even a complete lack of it.
    Every graffiti writer experienced those moments. But yet it is a topic hardly talked about.
    Out of a writer’s perspective, nothing happens.
    Follow four friends around remote areas of Tashkent, trying their luck with the subway for a week.
    But nothing happens.


    Size: 30 x 24 cm
    Cover: Softcover
    Pages: 88
    Language: English
    Year: 2021
    Publisher: It’s for us
    Author: Edward Nightingale
    ISBN/EAN: 978–3–9822914–0–6

STYLEFILE #57 – Bboyfile

  • STYLEFILE #57 – Bboyfile


    The 57th issue of STYLEFILE magazine goes by the name of BBOYfile and comes around the corner with the best moves on walls and steel. In addition to the familiar photo spreads with the latest walls and trains, there are the following specials:

    – ZACK

    – S.KAPE289

    – TASEK


    – AMIR


    92 Seiten

Three Corners

  • Three Corners


    A book about the Three Corners Graffiti Hall Of Fame in London. From 1985 to 1991 ‘Three Corners’, a play area between Finsbury and Clerkenwell, became an important site of teenage rebellion, when it became an important cradle for the fledgeling London graffiti scene.

    This book talks to many of the people who painted at the site. Within their words, they explain what the place meant to them and how it developed the early London scene which has since gone on to be a world-celebrated spot for graffiti.

    Words (and works) by Robbo, Cade, Urge, Mystique, Skore, Jaoism, Insane, Ren, Merc, Carl, Scarf Mean, Freehand, Coma, Dsire, Stet, Vanz, Boast, Snatch, Seize, Sak/ Benski, Don, Crude, Bus One, Mel, Hatch, Skire, Busk, Shun, Charp/ Splat, Excel, Reakt, Fiasko, Sel, Real, RE, Floe2, Lies, Ganja, Fued, Shoom, Sigher, Shoom, Cab69, Req1, Jade2/Jadell, Check, Kilo, Mear, Busk, Eneme, Crok. A photographic history of one of Londons most important Halls Of Fame!


    Size: 30.3 x 21.7 x 1.8 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 144
    Language: English
    Year: 2021
    Publisher: Skore
    Author: Skore

NEONGRAU Magazin #9

  • NEONGRAU Magazin #9


    März 2021 | 96 Seiten


    Writer-Special: KAIZR
    Writer-Special: KUGEL
    Partner-Special: BULLE & ERNST

    Post von Bartelds: Über das Erzählen von guten Geschichten
    Konzeptionelles: I still love this game!
    Reminiszenz: Heimweh
    Reisebericht: Es muss nicht immer Italien sein!
    Rechtskolumne: Das geraubte Graffito
    Knowledge is king: FLIRTS

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