A question of style: Graffiti writing between art/theory and practice


This volume presents the contributions of the conference held in Rome at the Museo Laboratorio Arte Contemporanea (MLAC) at Sapienza University in April 2022. There international scholars and experts in the field of graffiti writing as well as renowned writers from Rome and Milan came together for intense discussion and exchange. Texts and images present current research and answer to the question of style between the two apparently distant but somehow interconnected fields of art history and graffiti writing.

EGIDIO EMILIANO BIANCO studied art history, art and culture management in Milan. He is currently a PhD candidate at KU Linz, with a thesis on graffiti writing in Rome. His passion for and specialization in urban arts has led to a wide range of activities, including contributions to magazines, books, conferences, and exhibitions, as well as his current work for the auction platform Catawiki.

ILARIA HOPPE is Professor for Art History and Visual Culture at KU Linz. Previously, she worked at Humboldt University in Berlin. There she began with her research on street art and graffiti, starting with the very first academic seminar on the topic in 2007.


Size: 15×21 cm
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 140
Language: English
Year: 2023
Publisher: edifir – Edizioni Firenze
Author: Egidio Emiliano Bianco, Ilaria Hoppe
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-9280-129-5

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