Artvibe #3 Magazine


In the current issue on 80 pages you will find
an interview with SomeArt, the smiling author of Friendly Faces, and you will be able to learn abo- ut the hypothesis according to Sharm from whe- re painters come from. Lots of color photos of the city in different views. You show that you don’t sleep! Inside you will also find mini photo reports from the Parisian street art world.
The still active digital section which does not necessarily awaken an active generation of fu- ture active writers. In addition, two reports from the jams which you will check out by yourself. We took a look at Krik’s initiative at the Tri-City’s 100cznia. Also this is the first issue where the first artvibe review of the Style Madness 2 al- bum is featured.

80 Seiten / Pages (A4)

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