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Ucieczka Od Rzeczywistości.
The unique publication that takes you back in time. Explore unseen moments. Doktor IDMTR

Escape From Reality is a sentimental trip into the past, to the nineties, in the company of the community passionate about aerosol art. Graffiti pieces, both on trains and walls, would for years be considered nothing more than distasteful eyesores lacking any form of design. The artists would be perceived as ignorant vandals. However, over the years the overview on street art has changed.

The graffiti culture is deeply rooted in Polish reality, so it deserves to be documented and described. Escape From Reality is an authentic testimony of people connected to this art. It presents plenty of personal writings approachable for readers from all backgrounds – writings that portray street artists’ everyday lives and passion. All of these stories did really happen, but weren’t disclosed up to this point. This book will let them see the light of day.

This publication aims to reach an audience of those interested in art and history of the nineties as well as those who want to immerse into the hermetic community of Polish and worldwide train writing. It will be a unique publication on the book market and an important event for the Polish graffiti community.

Escape From Reality aims to present the community and culture of Polish graffiti at the turn of the century – in the nineties. On the 144 pages of the book, I will present an awe-inspiring collection of private photographs, personal reflections and stories that break age-old stereotypes and show a different, positive view on graffiti. This work will be an act of opening up by one of the most prolific Silesian graffiti writers of the late nineties, who currently does his art in the UK – Doktor MTR.


Size: 28,5 x 22,5 cm
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 140
Language: English / Polish
Year: 2021  (signed & numbered packaging)
Publisher: Doktor IDMTR
Author: Doktor IDMTR

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