Graffiti Writing in Italy 1989–2021


The book talks about graffiti writing, or more simply, writing. About tags, sprays, streets and letters. With the photographs and words of its protagonists, it tells the birth and evolution of this phenomenon in Italy, how a handful of kids changed the face of our cities forever. All it took was minimal resources, a lot of perseverance and a fair dose of style. Signatures appear on the ground, on lamp posts, on tall buildings, in the tunnels of the metro and on public transport. They are the triumph of overbearing individualism, a reaction to the city itself that tends to dissolve the individual.

with / con
Sonda, Vandalo, Graffio, Naps, KayOne, Rae, Dumbo, Verbo, Fone, Creso, Longe, Hekto, Zeal, Ouch, Utero, Zuek, Cento, Rame, Naso, Poison, Ver, Stand, Rocks, Jason, Heman, Atomo, Fumo, Joys, Peeta, Fayer, Zeal, Lemon, Sky4, ZeroT, Dayaki, Solow, Rendo, Spyder7, FlyCat, Drop C, Mace, Sika, Rusty, Kaos, Panda, Styng, Bean, Dem, Boost, Tawa, Metro, Airone, Eron, Lego, Dra, Krisa, Arix, Texas, Mind, Zoe, Blast, Fra32, Clock, Nitro, Muko, Trota, Sand, Rayn, Kid, Mastro K, Isey, Chob, Magma, Dafne, Senz, Karma, Evian, Oste, Brus, Pilchi, Snitch, Sher, Sera, Game, Zelda, Jamba, Sayko, Besk, Secse, Capo, Filthy, Hero, Worn, Rats, Files, Dodge, Wish, Rohw, Ringo, Font, Chaos, Rud, Onil, Enko4, Sherif, Matar, Norma, Dirty, Loser, Spice, Zeus, Neo, Pazol, Opium, Eroin, Giose, Cromo, Vins, Smit, P.zee, Fonser, Aber, Kotone, Tapes, Gees, Noce, Reps, Nemo, Swoc, Rhum, Daze, Rancy, Tyson, Doz, Kers
and many others… / e molti altri…


Size: 11,5 x 18 cm
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 320
Language: English, Italiano
Year: 2021
Publisher: bruno
Author: Alessandro Mininno
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-99058-57-9

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