On The Run Books 10 Ghost RIS Crew (Softcover)


GHOST was one of the last kings of the New York City train writing era. He experimented with traditional letter styles until developing his own loose, funky and psychedelic letters that sprouted from his twisted drug seeped brain and his passion for bombing. When most writers see a train yard as an opportunity to paint a nice colorful piece, Ghost sees the yard as a place to bomb, to do hundreds of throw ups. He approaches his paintings with the same zest and casual grace as he does his throw-ups, with bold dripping explosions of vibrant colors and freaky cartoons. With frequent trips to Europe his style has inspired the new wave of Scandinavian-loose-bombing-style pieces. Today, he exhibits his artwork in galleries worldwide and does collaborations with urban culture brands. Despite this Ghost remains an enigma, he isn’t social, and he does not want to be your friend. But both his artwork and his bombing are full of humor and hard not to like.


Size: 24,3 x 16,7 cm
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 128
Language: English
Year: 2010
Publisher: On the Run
Author: GHOST
ISBN/EAN: 9783937946245

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