Three Corners


A book about the Three Corners Graffiti Hall Of Fame in London. From 1985 to 1991 ‘Three Corners’, a play area between Finsbury and Clerkenwell, became an important site of teenage rebellion, when it became an important cradle for the fledgeling London graffiti scene.

This book talks to many of the people who painted at the site. Within their words, they explain what the place meant to them and how it developed the early London scene which has since gone on to be a world-celebrated spot for graffiti.

Words (and works) by Robbo, Cade, Urge, Mystique, Skore, Jaoism, Insane, Ren, Merc, Carl, Scarf Mean, Freehand, Coma, Dsire, Stet, Vanz, Boast, Snatch, Seize, Sak/ Benski, Don, Crude, Bus One, Mel, Hatch, Skire, Busk, Shun, Charp/ Splat, Excel, Reakt, Fiasko, Sel, Real, RE, Floe2, Lies, Ganja, Fued, Shoom, Sigher, Shoom, Cab69, Req1, Jade2/Jadell, Check, Kilo, Mear, Busk, Eneme, Crok. A photographic history of one of Londons most important Halls Of Fame!


Size: 30.3 x 21.7 x 1.8 cm
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 144
Language: English
Year: 2021
Publisher: Skore
Author: Skore

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