Till Fikat Volume 1


Stockholm-based Studio Stains, also known as Stains Magazine, is back with a new graffiti magazine. Volume 1 of “Till fikat” (which translates to “Something for the Coffee”) has a focus on Swedish graffiti, but instead of mixed pages, the entire magazine is organised into sections where each artist gets 6 dedicated pages.

The premiere issue features a lineup of prominent artists including E-man, Zenit, Noze, Lumos, Elie, Livet, Cembr, Mavoe, Krozz, Slos, Gomer, Mets, Hell, Koll, Dart, Kiss, and Reds. In total, the magazine has 108 pages of burners – a hefty publication to enjoy over a cup of coffee.

Format: 108 pages (195x2500mm)
Release date: March 2023.

Delivery Time: Sofort versandfertig: 1-4 Werktage (Österreich) / 2-10 Business Days (International)

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