Verehrtes Phantom, – Kat Dogtok


While stalking deer in an area where open-cast mining used to occur, Kat Dogtok finds a zigzag symbol, written with a narrow pen tip in a dark underpass for wild animals. The subsequent eerie encounters, the temporal and spatial charms that this sign sends out are so impressive that Dogtok can no longer escape them. What or who is behind the zigzag markings?
She approaches the repetitive signal on bark, benches, fences, signs, as well as milestones, and follows the sprawling trail through the lakeside periphery and green lung of Leipzig. In the places where the peaks perforate the land, she collects pieces of puzzles of a line that appear kinky and consoling. Is it an excessive expression, a district mark, a gambler, a wake-up call, a broken mirror, or the crown of the forest princess, as Dogtok’s niece thinks? In alternation of restlessness and rest, the researcher pursues the mysterious picture and his ambiguous interpretations until the supposed phantom and his persecutor land in a hare-and-hedge loop.


Size: 15,5 x 23 cm
Cover: wrapped softcover
Pages: 96
Language: English
Year: 2021 / 3rd (extended) edition
Publisher: possible books
Author: Kat Dogtok

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