• Graffiti for Beginners


    Learn how to draw graffiti letters!

    Graffiti for Beginners is an easy-to-follow introduction that presents you with the basics behind graffiti lettering.

    The two funky yet classic graffiti alphabets created by experienced graffiti artist Mega gives you the opportunity to learn a basic graffiti style, as well as a more advanced wild style.

    Each of the alphabet’s 26 letters has its own spread where the building blocks of the letter are carefully displayed
    next to the specified space for you to practice, along with illustrations of how the letters can be used in different words and names.

    In addition to the letters, you will find examples of characteristic elements used in graffiti such as 3D or shades to add depth to the letters, or arrows, stars, bubbles, highlights and shines to make the piece stand out.

    Graffiti for Beginners is the fundamental guide for you to learn how to master the alphabet with style and finesse, letter by letter, until you are able to put together complicated words and messages, adding the coloring of your own choice.

    Learning graffiti has never been easier or more fun!

    Graffiti for Beginners suits all ages and is a great tool for advertisers, home stylers, school teachers, kids and creative adults alike.

    About the author

    Your teacher, Mega DNS, born and raised in the north of the Netherlands, has over 35 years experience in writing graffiti.. His letter style is best described as legible old New York style mixed with European style and most importantly: the letters must have movement and style.

    Mega works as a graphic designer for various clients, from record labels and radio stations to retail agencies.


    Size: 20 x 25 cm
    Cover: Softcover
    Pages: 56
    Language: English
    Year: 2021
    Publisher: Dokument Press
    Author: Mega DNS
    ISBN/EAN: 978-91-88369-50-5

  • The Street Art Manual Book


    The Street Art Manual is an illicit, tactical handbook to creating art in public and taking over urban space. Every type of street art is covered, from painting graffiti, to light projections, stenciling, wheat pasting and mural making, with each technique illustrated with step-by-step drawings.

    Arm yourself with the tips and knowledge that no other guide will give you and go out and reclaim the streets in the name of urban creativity.


    Size: 21 x 14,7 x 1,5 cm
    Cover: Softcover
    Pages: 144
    Language: English
    Year: 2020
    Publisher: Laurence King
    Author: Bill Posters

  • Protecting Art in the Street


    There has recently been a sharp increase in cases where corporations have been sued by street and graffiti artists because their artworks had been used and exploited without the artists’ authorisation, for example in advertising campaigns, as backdrops in promotional videos, or as decorating elements of products. This trend shows and confirms that these forms of art are vulnerable. They are actually more exposed to unauthorised exploitation (and destruction as well) than works of fine art, because they are placed in the public eye.
    Protecting Art in the Street explains, with words and images, how copyright laws apply to street art and graffiti, and how they can be of help to creators within these artistic communities. Knowledge about these issues does matter. There has recently been a spike in legal actions or complaints against corporations and individuals that have tried to exploit commercially street artworks without the artists’ consent; and more importantly without sharing with them any profit. Also, legal actions have been brought by street artists to fight destruction of their pieces.
    By adopting a simple language, Protecting Art in the Street constitutes an easy-to-understand guide aimed at navigating street artists and graffiti writers through otherwise difficult and intricate legal issues concerning the protection of their artistic outputs.


    Size: 13 x 21 cm
    Cover: Softcover
    Pages: 68
    Language: English
    Year: 2020
    Publisher: Dokument Press
    Author: Enrico Bonadio
    ISBN/EAN: 978-91-88369-35-2

  • Forms of rockin


    „The idea of style and competing for the best style is the key to all forms of rockin‘.“ – Style Wars, 1983.

    Are subcultures, like graffiti, floating free in their own space, or are they connected to the rest of society? In Forms of Rockin’, graffiti styles for the first time are connected to graphic design and other popular culture expressions such as music, fashion, photography, industrial design and movies. Anssi Arte analyses some of the most powerful visual symbols of the 1970s, 80s and 90s and compares design, display typefaces and graffiti styles. The visual styles of James Brown, Blade Runner, the Memphis group and grunge music all appear together with classic fonts and graffiti writers.
    The clear yet analytical narrative and carefully crafted visualizations make it appealing to both graphic design aficionados as well as graffiti enthusiasts. But Forms of Rockin’ is more than that. This is a must for everybody interested in contemporary popular culture and design history.

    Forms of Rockin‘ traces and defines the stylistic conventions in graffiti letterforms that have become iconic and globally acknowledged ideals. From the early New York tags to the mid-1990s ugly-fresh styles of Scandinavia, Forms of Rockin’ tells the story of how popular culture and graffiti styles influences each other.

    Anssi Arte (b. 1981) is a Helsinki-based graphic designer specialized in visual identities and brand architecture. He has a formal (MA) education in graphic design from the Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture.
    Besides graphic design he is a graffiti enthusiast since childhood, specialized in studying and practising the traditional European and Scandinavian letterforms and aesthetics.


    Size: 22,5 x 21,5 x 1,8 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 125
    Language: English
    Year: 2015
    Publisher: Dokument Press
    Author: Anssi Arte
    ISBN/EAN: 9789185639748

  • Graffiti School


    Graffiti, Tags, Throwups, Blockbuster, Wildstyles – die Begriffsvielfalt ist so bunt wie die Handschriften der Künstler. Mit »Graffiti School« liegt nun der ultimative Überblick zu allen Fragen rund um die Kunst aus der Spraydose vor. Auch wenn die Meinungen, ob das kunstvoll oder eher kriminell ist, häufig noch auseinandergehen, hat zumindest der Markt längst entschieden und honoriert die Arbeiten von Aktivisten wie Banksy oder Blek le Rat ebenso hoch wie die anderer zeitgenössischer Künstler.

    »Graffiti School« liefert in diesem Diskurs neben einem kurzen Überblick über die Anfänge der Graffitikunst vor allem jede Menge praktische Anleitungen und Basiswissen: von der Zusammensetzung, Handhabung und Pflege der Graffiti-Ausrüstung bis zur illustrierten Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung für Gestaltungselemente und Techniken. Zahlreiche Bildbeispiele von Graffiti aus aller Welt ergänzen dieses Manual. Der Autor Christoph „Jeroo“ Ganter kann dabei auf seine eigene Erfahrung als Graffitikünstler zurückgreifen.

    Paperback, Klappenbroschur
    300 farbige Abbildungen


    Size: 21 x 29,7 cm (DIN A4 Portrait)
    Cover: Softcover
    Pages: 176
    Language: German
    Year: 2013
    Publisher: Prestel
    Author: Christoph Ganter
    ISBN/EAN: 978-3-7913-4841-4

  • Vienna Murals – Street Art Guide Vienna Vol.2


    A lot has happened since the release of Vienna Murals´s first book.

    An introduction to more than 100 additional artworks all over Vienna.
    Over 100 pages, A5 landscape format, soft cover. In English. With maps and photos of murals in Vienna, including background infos, who certain artworks were painted by, when, and also who curated them and info about interesting galleries, festivals, agencies, curators etc that all make our city more vibrant and colourful.
    Go out and explore the city yourself.
    VOLUME 2 acts as an appendix that can be used alone or together with VOLUME 1 – showcasing artworks that were not included in any of Vienna Murals´s books before.


    Size: 21 x 14,8 cm (DIN A5 Landscape)
    Cover: Softcover
    Pages: 100+
    Language: English
    Year: 2019
    Publisher: Streetartbooks
    Author: Thomas Grötschnig


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