• Phil America – Above the law


    Above The Law Volume I: Graffiti on Passenger Trains is the definitive book about graffiti on passenger trains. The third book by Phil America, it captures the lives and work of some of the most well-known graffiti artists across the globe. Containing 225 pages of photos taken in metropolitan cities all around the world, Phil America immersed himself into this culture and documented it over the course of ten years. In these never before seen photos, we are taken into a dangerous and private world that most are unable to ever witness: deep into subway tunnels, over fences, under surveillance cameras and behind sensors. Each photograph captures a moment of freedom.


    Size: 21,6 x 27,9 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 225
    Language: English
    Year: 2015
    Author: Phil America
    ISBN/EAN: 978-0-692-57058-6

  • ODEM – On The Run


    ODEM: ON THE RUN zeichnet den atemlosen Aufstieg und jähen Fall des Berliner Graffiti-Sprühers ODEM nach, der zunächst als kleiner Tagger sein Kürzel in jede U-Bahn setzte und als Crew-Mitglied erste Pieces versuchte, dann Teil einer Jugendszene wurde, die sich täglich im U-Bahnhof Friedrichstraße traf, um schließlich als King der Szene international bekannt und wegen seiner Skrupellosigkeit gefürchtet zu werden.

    ODEM: ON THE RUN ist der authentische Bericht eines Großstadtjugendlichen am Anfang der Neunzigerjahre. Gleichermaßen faszinierend wie schockierend, macht dies Buch, die Begeisterung der Jugendlichen für Graffiti verständlich und beleuchtet zugleich in aller Härte die Schattenseiten einer Szene, in der Spaß und Action ebenso alltäglich sind wie Gewalt und Kriminalität, Alkohol und Drogen.


    Size: 20,5 x 12,9 x 2,8 cm
    Cover: Softcover
    Pages: 344
    Language: Deutsch
    Year: 2015
    Publisher: Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf
    Author: Jürgen Deppe & Odem
    ISBN/EAN: 9783862654789

  • Forms of rockin


    „The idea of style and competing for the best style is the key to all forms of rockin‘.“ – Style Wars, 1983.

    Are subcultures, like graffiti, floating free in their own space, or are they connected to the rest of society? In Forms of Rockin’, graffiti styles for the first time are connected to graphic design and other popular culture expressions such as music, fashion, photography, industrial design and movies. Anssi Arte analyses some of the most powerful visual symbols of the 1970s, 80s and 90s and compares design, display typefaces and graffiti styles. The visual styles of James Brown, Blade Runner, the Memphis group and grunge music all appear together with classic fonts and graffiti writers.
    The clear yet analytical narrative and carefully crafted visualizations make it appealing to both graphic design aficionados as well as graffiti enthusiasts. But Forms of Rockin’ is more than that. This is a must for everybody interested in contemporary popular culture and design history.

    Forms of Rockin‘ traces and defines the stylistic conventions in graffiti letterforms that have become iconic and globally acknowledged ideals. From the early New York tags to the mid-1990s ugly-fresh styles of Scandinavia, Forms of Rockin’ tells the story of how popular culture and graffiti styles influences each other.

    Anssi Arte (b. 1981) is a Helsinki-based graphic designer specialized in visual identities and brand architecture. He has a formal (MA) education in graphic design from the Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture.
    Besides graphic design he is a graffiti enthusiast since childhood, specialized in studying and practising the traditional European and Scandinavian letterforms and aesthetics.


    Size: 22,5 x 21,5 x 1,8 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 125
    Language: English
    Year: 2015
    Publisher: Dokument Press
    Author: Anssi Arte
    ISBN/EAN: 9789185639748

  • Street Messages

    23.90 15.00

    There is plenty of creativity within the international graffiti and street art scene. Writing text messages in public spaces has been a unique art form and a means of communication between humans for over 30,000 years.

    Many street artists work only with text, written messages or poems, and not necessarily only with colourful murals, styles, tags and logos. Street Messages is the first publication that delivers a deep insight into this literary form of expression in the world of global street art.
    The streets are full of artistic and poetic forms of expression – messages written by graffiti and street artists. Street Messages offers a historic background to written messages in public spaces and introduces more than 80 artists from across the world who work exclusively or partly with text.The vast body of information and numerous exclusive quotes and words of wisdom makes Street Messages the first book to shed some light on this as yet undocumented form of street art culture.
    Features artwork by Banksy, Dolk, Ben Eine, Faith 47, Flint…, Kid Acne, Know Hope, Mobstr, Skki and many more.

    Nicholas Ganz aka Keinom is a freelance photographer and author from Essen, Germany. He started to paint in the streets in 1994 and has been documenting graffiti and street art ever since. In 2004, he published his first book, Graffiti World, which became a world-wide best-seller and was translated into 11 languages. In 2006, he released Graffiti Women and went on to write several books about Burma/Myanmar.


    Size: 18,5 x 21,5 x 2 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 144
    Language: English
    Year: 2015
    Publisher: Dokument Press
    Author: Nicholas Ganz, foreword by James Prigoff
    ISBN/EAN: 978-91-85639-73-1


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