• Wall Writers – Graffiti in its Innocence


    The Wall Writers companion hardbound book explores graffiti’s eruption into mainstream society in the period of social turmoil in the late 1960s and early ‘70s, and takes a closer look not only at early graffiti’s place on the wall but its place in the culture of the time. More comprehensive than any other book on the subject, Wall Writers explores not only early graffiti writing itself but the writers creating it, and the culture that drove them to write — be it a need to rebel against the government, to pass a message, or simply be recognized by society. Hundreds of images of everything from spray paint advertisements to commercial greeting cards to images of buildings completely covered in spray painted monikers are included, and reveal the context of the beginnings of a movement that would eventually grow to “transform city life, public transit, public art, and ultimately visual art the world over.” Includes interviews and profiles of some of the most prolific writers of the time, including TAKI 183, CORNBREAD, and dozens more.


    Size: 30,7 x 25,9 x 3,5 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 360
    Language: English
    Year: 2016
    Publisher: Dokument Press
    Author: Roger Gastman, Trina Calderon, Caleb Neelon, Chris Pape
    ISBN/EAN: 978-1-58423-601-6

  • The Art of Rebellion IV

    34.90 24.90

    Die vierte Ausgabe der „The Art of Rebellion“ Serie gibt einen neuen Einblick in die weltweite urbane Kunstszene. Der Autor Christian Hundertpfund (C100), der selbst als urbaner Künstler tätig ist, hat jeden im Buch vertretenen Künstler gebeten, nur sein liebstes und persönliches Werk mit einem kurzen Text zur Entstehungsgeschichte zu schicken. Das Buch unterscheidet sich von anderen Street Art Büchern auch in der Präsentation der Fotos, die hier meist sehr groß abgedruckt wurden. Es wird auch versucht die Lücke zwischen dem Respekt für Graffiti-Writer und für Street-Artists zu schließen, indem insbesondere Werke mit inhaltlichen oder visuellen Graffiti-Einflüssen gezeigt werden. Aus diesem Grund zeigt das Buch nicht nur Werke von Street-Artists sondern auch von vielen bekannten Writern.

    Mit dabei sind u.a. Nug, Egs, Dmote, Delta, Zedz, HoNet, The London Police, El Tono, Nuria Mora, Dave Kinsey, SpY oder Slinkachu.


    The fourth chapter of the „The Art of Rebellion“ series provides a new insight into the global urban art scene. The author Christian Hundertpfund (C100), who himself works as an urban artist, has asked every artist represented in the book to send only his favorite and personal work with a short text about the genesis. The book differs from other Street Art books in the presentation of the photos, which were usually printed very large here. It also seeks to close the gap between respect for graffiti writers and street artists by, in particular, showing works with content or visual graffiti influences. For this reason, the book shows not only works by street artists but also by many well-known writers.

    Featured Artists i.a. Nug, Egs, Dmote, Delta, Zedz, HoNet, The London Police, El Tono, Nuria Mora, Dave Kinsey, Spy or Slinkachu.


    Size: 30 x 24.1 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 216
    Language: English
    Year: 2016
    Publisher: Publikat
    Author: Christian Hundertmark
    ISBN/EAN: 9783939566496


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