• Robert Wilhelm – Euphorisierendes Scheitern…


    Euphorisierendes Scheitern, oder wieviel Ehrlichkeit kann man verantworten?

    Das Buch von Robert Wilhelm „Euphorisierendes Scheitern, oder wieviel Ehrlichkeit kann man verantworten?“ gibt einen Einblick in sein künstlerisches Schaffen und zeigt einen Querschnitt seiner Werke ab Ende der 90er Jahre bis 2020. Bereits vor 20 Jahren entstanden seine abstrakten „SMURFNOBS“ Character. Das Buch zeigt auch einige ältere Train-Fotos, sowie Arbeiten auf Wand und Leinwand.


    Size: 24  x 21 cm
    Cover: Softcover
    Pages: 162
    Language: Deutsch
    Year: 2020
    Publisher: Robert Wilhelm
    Author: Robert Wilhelm

  • PATIPERRO – The diary of a Sudaka


    „PATIPERRO“ is the book in which Ale VLOK explains his adventures painting trains and subways all around the world, based on his artistic creativity and his particular point of view: that of a Chilean who began the adventure of his life as an illegal immigrant in Barcelona.

    This editorial production is divided into 11 chapters, each represented by a portrait of the sneakers that our protagonist wore in each of the stories told. Throughout the book’s 392 pages, Ale VLOK narrates his experiences in different cities in an unusually honest way, joined by writers from all over the world, and accompanied by images and artistic pieces — all framed by a remarkable sense of aesthetics.

    Barcelona, New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Cape Town, Dublin, Bucharest, Bilbao, Porto and many other cities …

    29 cities over 4 continents, and more than 20 internationally renowned writers star in this editorial masterpiece dedicated to the most humane part of train graffiti.

    Although artistic photography plays a key role in this book, each episode also contains other elements that enhance the understanding of the emotions that Ale VLOK describes. For this, he uses a range of mediums, from artistic collages to portraits of writers, through photographs of objects of special value and, of course, photos of graffiti pieces.

    „PATIPERRO“ is undoubtedly one of the most original graffiti books in recent memory. In addition to its personal and exhilarating content, it stands out for the attention to aesthetic detail that is intertwined into the different narratives. A work that’s interesting not only for graffiti writers, but also for lovers of photography, art, design and adventure … as well an indispensable addition to the shelves any selfrespecting graffiti book collector.


    Size: 23,4 x 31,9 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 392
    Language: English
    Year: 2020
    Author: Ale VLOK

  • N.O.Madski – The Sketch Issue


    “The Sketch Issue” is a reproduction of the sketch book n.o.madski used for sketching while travelling from 2017 until now. “The sketch Issue” contains more than 290 typefaces designed by n.o.madski – nearly every style which he painted in the 3 last years. It comes with 104 pages, 17x24cm in format and softcover.


    Size: 17 x 24 cm
    Cover: Softcover
    Pages: 104
    Year: 2020
    Author: N.O.Madski

  • Peter Stelzig – Running The High Line


    Das Buch zeigt U-Bahn Graffiti auf den Viadukt-Hochbahnabschnitten der Berliner U-Bahn Linien U1, U2 und U3. Die Bilder wurden im Zeitraum 9/2019 bis 2/2020 aufgenommen.

    Texte von: Boks, Kgo, Jeico und Peter Stelzig.


    Size: DIN A4 Portrait
    Cover: Softcover
    Pages: 76
    Language: English
    Year: 2020
    Publisher: Racoon Verlag
    Author: Peter Stelzig
    Limited Edition: 750 copies / Signed & Numbered

  • A Visual Protest – The Art of BANKSY


    Über 20 Jahre auf den Fersen von Banksy

    Der international gefeierte und bewunderte Streetart-Künstler Banksy ist in aller Munde: sei es durch das sich selbst schredderne Bild oder die jüngst gestohlene Tür des Bataclan. Niemand weiß, wer Banksy ist und doch kennt jeder den Namen. Dieser Band zeigt Banksys Kunst, ihre Entstehung und wie Banksy sie versteht. Ein langjähriger Wegbegleiter hat dazu zahlreiche Fotos, Texte und Hintergrundinformationen zur Verfügung gestellt, mit denen ein einzigartiges Panorama der Kunst Banksys seit der ersten Stunde entstehen konnte. Nie zuvor war der Blick auf Banksy intimer und wir ihm näher!


    Size: 22 x 26 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 224
    Language: German
    Year: 2020
    Publisher: Prestel
    Author: Gianni Mercurio
    ISBN/EAN: 978-3-7913-8605-8

  • Rockin‘ It Suckers (10th Anniversary Edition)


    The inside story of the crew that has kept graffiti alive in New York City for the past 20 years!

    After being out of print for years – ROCKIN’ IT SUCKERS is back in a limited 10th Anniversary Edition!

    A classic graffiti book is once agin available – with additional text and original cover.

    Some call it art others vandalism. For the members of the infamous RIS crew the label doesn’t matter. ROCKIN’ IT SUCKERS is the story of New York City’s infamous RIS crew in their heyday.

    New York in the late 80s: A city tormented by crack and violent crime. At the same time the golden age of hip hop was in full bloom, and despite the violence some found room for creativity.
    At this time a group of kids got together to taste the last of the city’s painted subway trains, just in time to experience a new era in New York’s graffiti history — The authorities decided to clean up the city and a zero-tolerance policy towards graffiti was instituted. While many of the city’s graffiti writers quit, the RIS crew was determined to keep the trains colorful and decided to wage their own war with the city. As a result, they took over New York with style, and along the way influenced graffiti writers long way outside the five boroughs.
    The crack down from the authorities didn’t only trigger the RIS crew to write more, it also made them come up with faster techniques and develop their styles, all done with the crews’ characteristic arrogance and humorous touch. Soon they became one of the world’s most important and influential graffiti crews.


    Size: 19 x 25 x 2 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 128
    Language: English
    Year: 2020
    Publisher: Dokument Press
    Author: Alain KET Maridueña, Cousin Frank, Museum of Graffiti
    ISBN/EAN: 9789188369406

  • Markus Pippan – What´s left



    Size: 14,8 x 21,0 cm
    Cover: Hardcover mit Prägung, Fadenheftung, Leseband
    Pages: 120
    Year: 2020
    Publisher: Verlag Forum Stadtpark
    Author: Markus Pippan
    ISBN/EAN: 978-3-901109-62-1


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