• Blackout Magazine Still Issue One (2003)


    Blackout Magazine Still Issue One was released in 2003 and is the second magazine released by the anonymous publishers behind Blackout. A great mix of walls and trains, mostly from Norway but a few pages from Stockholm and Copenhagen also. A nice piece of nordic graffiti history.

    40 Seiten / Pages

  • INCOGNITO Magazine #27


    Incognito Magazine #27
    116 Seiten / Pages
    A4, Hochformat / Portrait

    This time in a luxurious, extended format with 32 (!) extra pages filled to the top with a curated mix of the best recent styles from around the world. Expect nothing but trend setting styles on walls, trains and bombing.

    In the special features section, it is all about trains, starting off with a big budget special feature by Viper. For anyone into classic graffiti styles with a twist we can promise you something extra here. After that we move over to Italy where Alone shares 18-pages, completely loaded with style on steel. Next up, Brasi who give us a special feature filled with simple, yet powerful, bomber graffiti. Finally, a fresh stack of unpublished flicks from Tiger’s most recent heaters on all sorts of trains.



    Incognito Magazine #26
    84 Seiten / Pages
    A4, Hochformat / Portrait
    6 / 2020

    Inhalt / Content:
    – World Wide Trains
    – World Wide Walls
    – World Wide Bombing

    – AMAN – Shapes and Flow
    – LSO – Getting Up Fresh
    – BAUZA – The Night is long
    – ASTER – Funkadelic Monkey Kong



    Das Incognito Magazin ist zurück. In Ausgabe #23 gibt es wieder viele bunte Wände und Züge zu sehen. Dazu kommen insgesamt 5 Specials mit JEANS, ALEX, SKII, KWOTE und ZEMSTA.

    The Incognito Magazine is back. In Issue # 23 you will find again many colorful walls and trains. There are also 5 specials with JEANS, ALEX, SKII, KWOTE and ZEMSTA.



    Im Incognito Magazin #22 gibt es wieder viele internationale Trains, Bombings und Wände zu sehen. Der Fokus liegt dieses Mal auf den Trainwritern. Es gibt fünf Specials mit Reko, Såg, Japhy, Plorvi und Gues.

    In the 22th issue of the Incognito Magazine you will find again many international trains, bombings and walls. This time the focus is dedicated to trainwriters. There are five specials with Reko, Såg, Japhy, Plorvi and Gues.

  • INCOGNITO #7 (2008)


    Issue #7 (2008)

    Inhalt / Content:
    – Stockholm Walls
    – Abc123 – Living Graffiti 24/7
    – Stockholm Subway
    – Bombing
    – Hopp
    – Swedish Walls
    – Swedish Trains
    – World wide walls
    – World wide trains

  • INCOGNITO #4 (2007)


    In der 4. Ausgabe des Incognito Magazins aus dem Jahr 2007 gibt es zwei große Interviews mit CAUSR & UTAH, sowie mit NUEK von der CP Crew. Dazu kommen wieder viele internationale Bombings, Wände und Züge. Außerdem: ein Back In the days Special über Bratislava 1997.

    In the 4th issue of the Incognito Magazine from the year 2007 there are two big interviews with CAUSR & UTAH and with NUEK from the CP Crew. In the magazine you will also find many international bombings, walls and trains. And also a back in the days special about Bratislava 1997.

  • INCOGNITO #03 (2006)


    Der Fokus im Incognito Magazin #3 aus dem Jahr 2006 liegt wie gewohnt auf den lokalen, schwedischen Styles. Zu sehen gibt es aber auch viele internationale Bombings, Wände und Züge. Zwei Specials sind jeweils Barcelona und Südamerika gewidmet, ein weiteres zeigt Fotos von SLID aus Polen.

    As per usual, focus on local styles from Sweden, but also some intense sections with a lot of raw bombing, colorful walls and crazy train pieces from the rest of the globe. In this issue, the Incognito Team went back to Barcelona to check out the latest trends from the chilled-out city and then a big report from the South American continent. Finally, they hooked up with the polish train writer Slid, who showed some of his latest flix and shared his thoughts.


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