• Analog Delinquents #6


    Analog Delinquents Zine #6 (2020) from UK






    Limited to 100 copies

    64 full colour gloss pages
    250gsm covers
    135gsm pages

  • Cargokult – GLEISGRUEN Herbarium 1


    trackside wild plants

    Die gesammelten Pflanzen gedeihen alle an vom Menschen stark geprägten Standorten und oftmals unter extremen Bedingungen. Im Gleisgebiet sind sie ständiger Begleiter. Das Zine zeigt Funde aus der Zeit zwischen 2008 bis 2020.

    40 pages riso print
    13,3 x 18,3 cm
    edition of 100, numbered

  • Grog Lifestyle Zine


    Since 2005 Grog is the undisputed King of the streets and #groglifestyle is the new format dedicated to those who breathe Graffiti 24 hours a day. It’s the picture of a culture that doesn’t end with the execution of a tag, but defines a lifestyle, made of journeys, stained clothes, junk food and sleepless nights. In this new Fanzine, 4 photographers portray their concept of Grog Lifestyle in four different Italian cities: Milan, Bologna, Genoa and Turin. Available in 300 numbered copies.

    Size A5
    64 pages

  • ABCDEF – Avanti Dilettanti


    Hand-bound and digital printed zine by ABCDEF & Chemistry Publishing. The zine consists of photos shot by ABCDEF and tells the story of two one-of-a-kind verbal dilettantes (paint & photo). And so this zine tells you a story from a one-of-a-kind dilettantism of fledged vandalism, walking, talking and taking photos.

    The zine is 25 x 17,5 cm (9,84″ x 6,89″), consists of 60 digital printed pages packed in a die-cutted cover and is made in an edition of 100 copies.

    – Hand-bound zine, 64 pages
    – 25 x 17,5 cm (9,84″ x 6,89″)
    – Edition of 100, numbered

  • Railwaypeople


    Railwaypeople is a small book by Sebastian Bühler about people in train stations and on the tracks in the balkan area.
    It includes the citys Belgrade, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Skopje and Ljubljana.

    Size A5
    50 pages
    33 pictures

  • Railwayhuts


    Railwayhuts by Sebastian Bühler was created on a train journey through the balkan region with a main focus on the railway stations and track systems. From Ljubljana to Thessaloniki these eponymous huts often appeared near the track areas and train yards. Some of them are still in use and serve as premises for the local railway companies. Others are used for railway safety as a lounge to monitor the respective track section. Most of these cabins, however, are today left on their own without any significance for everyday railroad life, due to the modernization of the track systems. From the beginning of his my trip he was fascinated by reoccurring parallels between these buildings despite the different countries they are located in.

    52 pages
    42 pictutes
    thread binding

  • Analog Delinquents #5


    Analog Delinquents Zine #5 (2020) from UK
    Featuring the works from:

    Cover photo – @hauptstadt_ganove
    Cover text – @_onescore

    64 full colour gloss pages
    250gsm covers
    135gsm pages

  • Pasha Open – the pity party


    Now that everyone is in home quarantine, we all have our own pity party. This new zine from Kiev based Pasha Open shows a series of paintings and life. If your party hasn’t started yet, let the party begin. This zine is good inspiration!

    Instagram: Pasha Open

    56 pages
    Edition of 100
    Stickit 2020

  • Zorg – Concrete Circle


    French writer Zorg explores the boundaries of graffiti with his concrete circles. He therefore visits many abandoned buildings. Looking for the perfect wall, in state of decay. The zine contains images of his side-specific quest and illustrative yet abstract paintings.

    Instagram: Concrete Circle

    28 pages
    Edition of 50
    Stickit 2019

  • WASABI – Hydranten bei Nacht


    Das Zine zeigt auf 100 Seiten Nachtaufnahmen von Symbiosen zwischen WASABI und 50 unterschiedlichen Hydranten.

    100 pages
    Cover: Risoprint

    Edition of 50 (numbered)
    Format: A5, Portrait

    printed by SOYBOT
    Vienna 2019

  • Abcdef: For the record


    Abcdef is an autonomous artist armed with spray cans. His abstract work is expressed in many different forms. In this zine you will find a collection of his versatile projects, including track records. This zine is about collecting. Collecting pieces.

    32 pages
    Edition of 50
    Stickit 2018

  • Perkupmyfriend #1


    Handgemachtes Buch von PERKUP & FRIEND über drinnen & draußen malen.

    40 Seiten
    3 Farben Risografie Druck & Laserdruck
    Cover laminiert
    Edition von 170
    Signiert von den Künstlern

    Handmade book from PERKUP & FRIEND about indoor & outdoor painting.

    40 pages
    3 color stencil print & laserprint
    laminated cover
    edition of 170
    signed by the artists


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