• Boulevard – On Trespassing and Culture No.2 – INSTITUTION


    Boulevard – On Trespassing and Culture No.2

    Zeitungsdruck in Kartonverpackung
    120 Seiten

    Boulevard – On Trespassing and Culture is an international, art magazine that reflects the past and present discourse in street and urban art. The format is intended to complement existing magazines and publications. Overarching themes structure each issue. The topics are theory (Reprint), photography, portraits of artists and works (Cases), current publications, reviews and news (Talk).


    ‘Threesome’ by Boris Hoppek, Miss Van and Rimon Guimar es / Nuart Journal / Graffiti Review / In Between Space, Time and a Pattern of Chaos, Fousion Gallery, Barcelona (ES) / La Fulmine, Printing house of the resistance (Sardinia (IT)) / John Fekner – Memory / Untold Stories, Inside Graffiti Writing Culture / Menetekel.org / Eric Winkler: Sog / Unlock Book Fair, Modena 2020 / [re/dis]cover – urban art & research

    Ben Brohanszky: Subcultural Strategies Katia Hermann and Pietro Rivasi: Exhibiting photos of writing Jasper van Es and Good Guy Boris: #ViralVandals Jo Preußler, Aljoscha Begrich and Stefan Reuter: Can you show me the way to the Graffitimuseum?


    Lene ter Haar: Claiming Visibility – Between Vandalism and Appreciation (2010) Orestis Pangalos: Crisis – What Crisis / No Respect (2014) Harald Hinz: About Institutionalizing Urban Art (2018) Bernd Dollinger and Bettina Hünersdorf: Graffiti as Version and Subversion (2010) Patrick Hagopian: Reading the Indecipherable (1987)


    Bill Daniel: Wierd Hobo Trip – Beyond the Streets Rage: Selected Works on Public Transit Cars and Gallery Walls Dunja JankoviĆ: Collaboration without Consent Emanuel Roth: Parkiert

  • 4608 Kat.19 – Pocket Book


    Limited pocket book published by 4608 that features pictures from the subway tunnels and yards of Stockholm, Sweden. Get it while it is still available!

    Pages: 100, Format: 125 x 180mm, Soft cover, Language: English, First Edition, Black & White, printed in Stockholm, Limited quantity, Release date: May 2021.


    Size: 12,5 x 18 cm
    Pages: 100
    Language: English
    Year: 2021
    Publisher: 4608

  • Rail Experimental – Belgian Train Worker Art


    The author documents the activity of the railway workers with more than 1000 photographs since 2013. The presented pictures were selected from this growing collection in 2017. This publication is part of a research project by Ben Brohanszky.

    84 Seiten / Pages
    14,8 x 21 cm (Softcover, Klebebindung)
    Herausgeber: Nokkio – Institute of Zines / Hitzerot
    2019 (second edition)

    – Unique Cover Photo!

  • Boulevard – On Trespassing and Culture No.1 – CLASSICS


    Boulevard – On Trespassing and Culture No.1 – CLASSICS

    Zeitungsdruck in Kartonverpackung
    31,5 x 46,5 cm
    80 Seiten

    Boulevard – On Trespassing and Culture No.1 – CLASSICS besteht aus drei Teilen im Zeitungsformat und versteht sich als regelmäßige, diskursorientierte, unabhängige Publikation.

    Im REPRINT Teil werden einige Texte, die bereits vergriffen oder schwer erhältlich, bzw. nur auf französisch erschienen sind, erneut auf Englisch abgedruckt. (Unter anderem mit Texten von Allan Schwartzmann, Oliver Kuhnert, Moritz Klein oder Another One.)

    Im TALK-Teil von Boulevard finden sich diverse Empfehlungen zu Veranstaltungen, Ausstellungen, Büchern und Buchmessen, sowie ein Interview mit Kurator Frank Krämer.

    Im dritten Teil, CASES, gibt es Fotografien u.a. von Tony Klicklack oder Edward Nightingale, der in dieser Ausgabe MOSES & TAPS abgelichtet hat, zu sehen.

  • Jeroen Erosie – Flight Mode


    Flight Mode is the follow up on Jeroens zine Ad Infinitum that shows a never ending story. How his work transformed from figurative to absract and vice versa. Laps around the church, a perfect circle.

    Instagram: Jeroen Erosie

    32 pages
    Edition of 200
    Stickit 2018

  • Jeroen Erosie – Ad Infinitum


    The zine Ad Infinitum shows us the never ending story of Erosie. How his work transformed from figurative to absract and vice versa. Laps around the church, a perfect circle.

    Instagram: Jeroen Erosie

    28 pages
    Second Edition of 100 (numbered)
    Stickit 2018 (First Edition 2013)

  • Aris: Layered Silhouettes


    Toskana, Mittelitalien. Wie Gemälde an den Seiten von altgriechischen Töpferwaren existieren Aris’Arbeiten größtenteils auf den Seiten der Güterzüge: himmlische Wesen bewegen sich entlang der Schienen Europas. Das Zine zeigt eine Auswahl dieser Schichten, Formen und Silhouetten.

    Tuscany, Central Italy. Like paintings on the sides of Ancient Greek pottery, Aris‘ works exist largely on the sides of freight trains: ethereal beings moving along the rails of Europe. In this zine a selection these layers, shapes and silhouettes.

    24 pages
    Edition of 150
    Stickit 2016



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