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Grog Lifestyle Zine

Since 2005 Grog is the undisputed King of the streets and #groglifestyle is the new format dedicated to those who breathe Graffiti 24 hours a day. It’s the picture of a culture that doesn’t end with the execution of a tag, but defines a lifestyle, made of journeys, stained clothes, junk food and sleepless nights. In this new Fanzine, 4 photographers portray their concept of Grog Lifestyle in four different Italian cities: Milan, Bologna, Genoa and Turin. Available in 300 numbered copies.

Size A5
64 pages Online Shop: Grog Metal Head 04 RSP

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Grog Booster 08 SKI Farbpigmente

Farbpigmente – geeignet als Ergänzung für alkoholbasierende schwarze Tinten

– steigert die Haltbarkeit (auch auf pörosen Untergründen)
– Anti-Verblassen
– extra UV-Schutz

Farbe: Death Black
Inhalt: 8g (1 Beutel reicht für bis zu 800ml Tinte)

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