• Rockin‘ It Suckers (10th Anniversary Edition)


    The inside story of the crew that has kept graffiti alive in New York City for the past 20 years!

    After being out of print for years – ROCKIN’ IT SUCKERS is back in a limited 10th Anniversary Edition!

    A classic graffiti book is once agin available – with additional text and original cover.

    Some call it art others vandalism. For the members of the infamous RIS crew the label doesn’t matter. ROCKIN’ IT SUCKERS is the story of New York City’s infamous RIS crew in their heyday.

    New York in the late 80s: A city tormented by crack and violent crime. At the same time the golden age of hip hop was in full bloom, and despite the violence some found room for creativity.
    At this time a group of kids got together to taste the last of the city’s painted subway trains, just in time to experience a new era in New York’s graffiti history — The authorities decided to clean up the city and a zero-tolerance policy towards graffiti was instituted. While many of the city’s graffiti writers quit, the RIS crew was determined to keep the trains colorful and decided to wage their own war with the city. As a result, they took over New York with style, and along the way influenced graffiti writers long way outside the five boroughs.
    The crack down from the authorities didn’t only trigger the RIS crew to write more, it also made them come up with faster techniques and develop their styles, all done with the crews’ characteristic arrogance and humorous touch. Soon they became one of the world’s most important and influential graffiti crews.


    Size: 19 x 25 x 2 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 128
    Language: English
    Year: 2020
    Publisher: Dokument Press
    Author: Alain KET Maridueña, Cousin Frank, Museum of Graffiti
    ISBN/EAN: 9789188369406

  • Stickerpack U-Bahn 50 Pcs. (19x4cm)


    U-Bahn Sticker

    50 Stück (€0,11 / 1 Stück)
    Format: 19,6 x 4,2 cm
    mit geschlitzter Rückseite

    matte Oberfläche, für alle Marker geeignet


  • Wall Writers – Graffiti in its Innocence


    The Wall Writers companion hardbound book explores graffiti’s eruption into mainstream society in the period of social turmoil in the late 1960s and early ‘70s, and takes a closer look not only at early graffiti’s place on the wall but its place in the culture of the time. More comprehensive than any other book on the subject, Wall Writers explores not only early graffiti writing itself but the writers creating it, and the culture that drove them to write — be it a need to rebel against the government, to pass a message, or simply be recognized by society. Hundreds of images of everything from spray paint advertisements to commercial greeting cards to images of buildings completely covered in spray painted monikers are included, and reveal the context of the beginnings of a movement that would eventually grow to “transform city life, public transit, public art, and ultimately visual art the world over.” Includes interviews and profiles of some of the most prolific writers of the time, including TAKI 183, CORNBREAD, and dozens more.


    Size: 30,7 x 25,9 x 3,5 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 360
    Language: English
    Year: 2016
    Publisher: Dokument Press
    Author: Roger Gastman, Trina Calderon, Caleb Neelon, Chris Pape
    ISBN/EAN: 978-1-58423-601-6

  • ONTOP (DEFS) – Flirting with Crime


    Flirting with crime is the first publication by Ontop from the Defs crew. After the mostly tense situations Ontop found time to shoot good atmospheric photos of his surroundings. His point of view gives a good insight in to the underground graffiti scene. The zine documents quotes from other writers and pictures taken in cities like, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, London and New York

    This handmade magazine is made in co-operation with Loop colors and Cantastic. For the magazine we used four different colors (Black, Blue, Fluorescent Pink, Yellow) printed with a Risograph printer. The magazine is bound using a sewing machine and comes with two postcards and a sticker pack.

    – 17,5 x 23,0 cm, 60 pages
    – Riso printed cover (4 colors/ faux CMYK) on 250 gr Bio-Top paper
    – 56 Risograph printed pages (4 color/ faux CMYK) on 120gr Bio-Top paper
    – Hand bound, Side sewn bound
    – Edition of 736, numbered
    – Including 2 postcards and a sticker pack

  • F Linjen


    Das Fotobuch „F Linjen“ bietet einen sehr persönlichen Einblick von Lex (HM-Crew) über das tägliche Leben auf der kürzesten S-Bahn Linie von Kopenhagen, der F-Linie. Es wurden große Anstrengungen unternommen, um das Erscheinungsbild der Züge, Fahrgäste und Bahnhöfe einzufangen, gemischt mit einer Auswahl von Pieces auf Zügen aus den letzten Jahren. Das Buch ist auf 250 Exemplare limitiert und wird mit einem handgefertigten Textilcover geliefert.


    Size: 16,5 x 22,0 cm
    Cover: Textile Cover
    Pages: 120
    Year: 2019
    Limited Edition: 250 copies

  • Graffiti København 1984-2019


    Dies ist der Ausstellungskatalog „Graffiti København 1984-2019“, die im Sommer 2019 in der Øksnehallen in der Nähe des Kopenhagener Hauptbahnhofs in Dänemark stattfand. Der Katalog umfasst 52 Seiten mit Texten und Bildern zur Geschichte von Graffiti in Kopenhagen.


    Size: 25 x 25 cm
    Cover: Softcover
    Pages: 52
    Language: English / Danish
    Year: 2019
    Publisher: DGI Byen

  • French Kiss Magazin #8


    French Kiss #8
    180 Seiten/Pages
    France 2020

    – QUIET
    – 7FA7 Crew
    – Double trouble
    – Marseille métro
    – Zucker verstreut





    A4, Klebebindung
    130 Seiten

  • OFFLINE Graffiti Magazine #7


    80 Seiten/Pages (Neu: +16 Seiten) – A4 – Softcover – 100% Trains

    – Wien S-Bahn / Vienna S-Trains
    – TMP Special
    – Cityjet
    – Wien U-Bahn / Vienna Subway
    – VT70 Special
    – Austrian / Österreich Trains
    – International Trains

  • The Art of Writing Your Name


    Die hohe, altehrwürdige Kunst der Kalligrafie ist nun schon eine Weile in der Graffiti- und Street-Art-Szene angekommen und mit eben dieser verschmolzen. So wurde das Genre des Calligraffiti geboren und natürlich liefern wir euch ein umfangreiches Werk dazu: das The Art of Writing Your Name Buch.

    Diese wunderschöne Kunst der Visualisierung des Wortes wird euch hier in Bild und Text von über 35 Künstlergrößen aus mehr als 3 Generationen und unzähligen Nationen nähergebracht. Darunter Artists wie Chaz Bojorquez, CRYPTIK oder JonOne. Einen wichtigen und großen Part hat auch der niederländische Künstler SHOE, der 2007 ein Calligraffiti-Projekt begann und mit riesengroßen Kalligrafie-Werken die Aufmerksamkeit auf dieses Subgenre zog.

    Wie logisch doch eigentlich diese Verbindung ist, die Kunst des Schreibens (Kalligrafie) mit der modernen, zeitgenössischen Kunst seinen Namen zu schreiben (Graffiti) zu vereinen. Und natürlich bekommt ihr hier wieder viele unterschiedliche Styles anhand von hochauflösenden, perfekt geshooteten Fotos aufs Auge. Auch in puncto Hilfsmittel wurden hier keine Grenzen gesetzt und so ist vom Riesenpinsel bis zum handelsüblichen Besen alles erlaubt.

    Ob Straße oder Galerie, Beton oder Leinwand – auch die Untergründe könnten kaum vielseitiger sein. Lasst euch inspirieren, kommt ins Staunen und taucht in die bunte, verzierte Welt der urbanen, neuzeitlichen Kalligrafie ein! Für alle Künstler und Liebhaber, die am Puls der Zeit bleiben wollen, ist dieses 288-seitige Buch ein absolutes Muss.


    Size: 24 x 30,5 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 288
    Language: English
    Year: 2017
    Publisher: Publikat
    Author: Patrick Hartl & Christian Hundertmark
    ISBN/EAN: 9783939566502

  • Forms of rockin


    „The idea of style and competing for the best style is the key to all forms of rockin‘.“ – Style Wars, 1983.

    Are subcultures, like graffiti, floating free in their own space, or are they connected to the rest of society? In Forms of Rockin’, graffiti styles for the first time are connected to graphic design and other popular culture expressions such as music, fashion, photography, industrial design and movies. Anssi Arte analyses some of the most powerful visual symbols of the 1970s, 80s and 90s and compares design, display typefaces and graffiti styles. The visual styles of James Brown, Blade Runner, the Memphis group and grunge music all appear together with classic fonts and graffiti writers.
    The clear yet analytical narrative and carefully crafted visualizations make it appealing to both graphic design aficionados as well as graffiti enthusiasts. But Forms of Rockin’ is more than that. This is a must for everybody interested in contemporary popular culture and design history.

    Forms of Rockin‘ traces and defines the stylistic conventions in graffiti letterforms that have become iconic and globally acknowledged ideals. From the early New York tags to the mid-1990s ugly-fresh styles of Scandinavia, Forms of Rockin’ tells the story of how popular culture and graffiti styles influences each other.

    Anssi Arte (b. 1981) is a Helsinki-based graphic designer specialized in visual identities and brand architecture. He has a formal (MA) education in graphic design from the Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture.
    Besides graphic design he is a graffiti enthusiast since childhood, specialized in studying and practising the traditional European and Scandinavian letterforms and aesthetics.


    Size: 22,5 x 21,5 x 1,8 cm
    Cover: Hardcover
    Pages: 125
    Language: English
    Year: 2015
    Publisher: Dokument Press
    Author: Anssi Arte
    ISBN/EAN: 9789185639748

  • Xplicit Grafx #1 (2006)


    Xplicit Grafx #1 (2006)

    Inhalt / Content:
    – Holland Subways
    – France Walls
    – Germany Subways
    – SONIC – France
    – Tokyo Streets
    – Europe Silvers
    – Europe Subways
    – MKAE – Australia
    – Europe Streets
    – Europe Walls
    – REALS – USA
    – Paris Streets
    – Europe Trains
    – OSGEMEOS – Brazil
    – Europe Subwys
    – HUSK MITN NAVN – Denmark
    – USA – Subways
    – Belgium – Valdor Hospital

  • Xplicit Grafx #2 (2006)


    Xplicit Grafx #2 (2006)

    Inhalt / Content:
    – Europe Subways
    – Paris Walls
    – Europe Trains
    – BATES – Denmark
    – San Francisco Streets
    – Worldwide Silvers
    – Europe Trains
    – Moscow Trains & Subways
    – Europe Walls
    – Paris Streets
    – Europe Subways
    – Tokyo Street
    – WIRE Paris
    – Europe Trains
    – Overground 2 – Stockholm
    – France Walls
    – Stockholm Streets
    – Europe Trains
    – France Streets
    – Worldwide Streets
    – Europe Walls

  • Xplicit Grafx #3 (2007)


    Xplicit Grafx #3 (2007)

    Inhalt / Content:
    – Paris Tunnels & Stations
    – Paris Subways
    – France Walls
    – Europe Trains
    – POET GFA – Germany
    – Worldwide Subways
    – Barcelona Streets
    – ERICH GORGIAS – Austria
    – Europe Walls
    – Paris Trains
    – France Trains
    – F. CHASTANET – France
    – Worldwide Silvers
    – REBOK AF – Holland
    – Worldwide Walls
    – Italy Trains

  • Xplicit Grafx #6 (2007)


    Xplicit Grafx #6 (2007)

    Inhalt / Content:
    – Europe Subways
    – CAKES vs. POINT – Prague
    – Bucharest Subways
    – Worldwide Walls
    – SMOLE – France
    – Europe Streets
    – PLAYBOYS on Tour
    – Lille Subways

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