Graffiti Map Vienna

Wiener Graffiti Stadtplan

Full Screen Display Last Update: 26.03.2024

The interactive city map GRAFFITI MAP VIENNA shows the locations of graffiti and street art works in Vienna.

By clicking on the "Photo/s" link in the info window, the corresponding image or images will be displayed from the online photo archive. Images that have already been painted over or removed can be retrieved in this way. Through our systematic documentation, the entire development of works at a specific location can also be shown.


Single Work / Photo

Usually one photo from one spot

More Works / Photos

Location with more than one work or photo

Area Cluster

Several walls and photos from one spot / area

Spot Group

Zoomed out overview of spots

Display / Hide Layers

All data layers can be switched on and off

Search Locations

Data can be retrieved by district code, street name or specific location names

Show Photos

Every marker is linked to the photos in the Spraycity Archive

Detailed Hot Spots

Locations like the Donaukanal, Gürtel, Wienfluss and other can be separated in detail by area or walls.

Photo Archive Integration

Accessible also via our photo archive

Photo Archive