32 Notes on Graffiti


32 different individuals, each of them involved in graffiti culture, are making unique statements spread over one double page. The composition of photos, portraits, essays and stories in this publication tries to uncover the quintessence of a constantly growing and developing culture by showing the variety and complexity of this illness called graffiti: From young kids on the run and experimenting concept artists, up to the retiring generation and self-reflective retrospections.

– Kid Crap, Kayro, K. Kittl, Idee, Neo, Sat One, Brom, J. Roth, Gues, Emmett E., Zasd, Hacke, Spair, Lazy P, Iron, Acid79, Exot. Nokier, Zay, Osif S., Wind, Taps, Capsol, B. Bisl, A. Fakso, Egs, Bwäre, Zedt, Caster, Seew

70 pages
German / English

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