Das Gedächtnis der Stadt schreiben


German edition of Writing the memory of the city.
Berlin is still the city of writing of modern times. This book assembles 15 Berlin artists from a circle that originated in writing. They are linked by a long, partly shared experience in Berlin‘s public space. The reader is given an insight into the ideas and thoughts of a heretofore hermetic movement, whose effects are mainly revealed on the surface.
Alongside an assortment of essays, they lead us on a journey away from the common city image, and into a remarkable landscape of outlooks and strata, spaces and dreams, visible and invisible cities.


Size: 20 x 24,5 cm
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 232
Language: German
Year: 2009
Publisher: Dokument Press
Author: Markus Mai, Thomas Wiczak
ISBN/EAN: 9789185639045

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