Feel The Steel No.1


100 Pages
Size: 17×24 cm
Offset printed
Edition of 250
Numbered & Stamped
Language: German

Feel the Steel – just old iron? Certainly not! At least if you ask train painters from all over Germany. The n-car and its siblings have taken a special place in their hearts, railway romance of a very special kind. Hardly any DB model was as popular as the Steeler, and from where we stand now, none of the plastic trains will manage to take this place. The team of the Munich Graffiti Library doesn’t feel that much different.

We had the chance to browse through a few photo bags and albums from the 90s to the early 00s and have packed all the material into a zine for you. Mints, Steelies, Wittenberger and Karlsruher heads from southern Germany fill our first publication. Pure flavour!

To present you more than just pictures, we met up with Chill from MRN for a quick chat about nightly trips and creamy stories. Real-Talk: Riko – PBS told us the story of his favourite place in Munich. None other than Milk/TFP gave us some quotes about „french surprisé“ and „living on the edge“ alongside his fresh photos. To top it all off, Shame, the Colour Hurricane and Burns 124 also gave their two cents.

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