Rae Martini – 24 Carat Dirt


Rae Martini, a prominent figure on the international street scene, comes face to face with painting and artistic expression for the first time in the early 90s. For over twenty years he serves as one of the greatest exemplars of the Italian Graffiti movement. Along with only a few other artists, he has managed to concretize his artistic development. With so much graffiti on streets and trains in so many European cities, he pursued an artistic career dedicated to the world of paint and canvas. Just like railroad tracks, these two parallel domains intertwine and influence each other with the aesthetics and experiences of two worlds, distant, yet close; hardly any artists from the graffiti scene are so committed to their work and beliefs that they are capable of bringing urban setting and street culture into the world of fine art galleries. Over the last two decades, Rae Martini has been able to dedicate himself to these two worlds using a common starting point: sketching on paper.


Size: 30 x 24 cm
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 208
Language: Italian
Year: 2012
Publisher: Damiani
Author: Rae Martini
ISBN/EAN: 978 88 6208 207 5

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