[USED] Ma’Claim – Finest photorealistic Graffiti (2006)


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Not many graffiti formations can claim having worked their way up on top of a world-wide movement. “Ma’Claim” can do so, and this book shows us why.
Besides their own works and various co-productions with other graffiti writers, they show tricks and knacks, and thereby open their profession to all those who are interested and those who want to combine graffiti and photorealism.

On 158 pages and 415 images, this extensive collection of works, experiences and technical know-how documents and explains a young-style of graffiti.


Size: 25 x 21 cm
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 158
Language: English
Year: 2006
Publisher: Publikat
Author: Falk Lehmann, Steffen Petermann
ISBN/EAN: 9783939566014

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