Miz Justice – June 16 2011 – Inoperable

June 16 2011 ab 19h
A long time member of the internationally recognized Graffiti crew, “Bande”, MIZ Justice has been making a name for herself recently with her distinct style and profound messages. Having Slovenian Austrian background and growing up in Carinthia, notorious for its very conservative right wing politics, wasn’t easy. Miz distanced herself early on from her hometown, having to put up with discrimination and prejudices. She moved to Vienna and worked as a freelance artist until being accepted into the prestigious Fine Arts Academy in Vienna, where her work has continued to grow, in complexity, meaning and scale! INOPERAbLE is proud to announce the opening of the exhibition “Yes, I … art” by one of the most admirable female artist in the Austrian scene. “Equal rights and Justice”

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